About us



Barile’s Farm has its origins from the beginning of 1900 by engaging the cultivation of olive trees for the production of olive oil. Currently it has approximately 100 hectares located in the best areas of the North of Bari at altitudes ranging from 130 to 300 m/sl, devoted to the olives cultivation which it gets the oil that is definitely the most tasty, but also the most healthy. Barile’s olive oil is healthy and natural, produced in compliance with the secular traditions of Molfetta, Giovinazzo, Ruvo di Puglia, Bitonto and Terlizzi.
The different climatic conditions and the variability of the land in these areas offer a different olive oil giving the discerning consumer a pleasant experience made of succession between strong flavors and scents. After harvesting, production is carefully selected and transformed with grinding in mills stone made of granite entrusted to gain exaltation of taste and fragrance of extra virgin Barile’s olive oil. The varieties of olives cultivated are: Coratina Ogliarola and Nocellara.


Welcome to our land. The Adriatic coast, plains and hills frame the workers, history and traditions, give birth to a unique taste and perfume. Here you will find the taste of things made with care, letting the climate make its unique and unrepeatable job  that skill what the men can create.

Welcome to the world
of extra virgin olive oil
from Puglia